About Us

Back to School SOS Party: it was BYOB (Bring your own Balloon). We wrote a wish for ourselves, tied them to our balloon and set them free!

85% of members say they have at some point lost their sense of self since having a child with special needs.

Many support groups within the special needs community are diagnosis centric for the purpose of discussing the children’s needs. Steel Magnolia Moms, however, focuses on the Mom.

Having a child with special needs is isolating. It’s scary. Motherhood is commonly said to be the most important job and greatest source of joy, but for a special needs mom, that can suddenly be shaped, defined, and limited by what their child can’t do.

Almost every other job has an out. If you’re overwhelmed, feel inadequate or aren’t happy in your position, you can quit and find another job that better suits. But not motherhood. It’s the hardest job, and there’s no such thing as a two-weeks notice. Having a child who has a disability just intensifies it all.

Steel Magnolia Moms reminds these moms to take time out of their hectic schedules to focus on themselves. We share our knowledge and resources, but more importantly, we encourage moms to take a break, have fun, and connect. Steel Magnolia Moms offers support in a variety of ways:

  • Chapter Events – Socials (dinners, wine tastings, cooking demonstrations) with fellow special needs moms who “get it”
  • Speaker Series- Empowering workshops, lectures, and wellness classes
  • Programs- Head to Heart and Happy Camper(s)
  • Discounts and special offers from local businesses
  • Private Facebook Page- Convenient daily connection with Steel Magnolia Sisters
  • And more coming soon!